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Tips & Tricks

Enter your Machine max Power in watts   ( actual results may vary )
Note: The Power & Speed values for the materials shown below are based on a 100 watt machine and
         are for the laser machine settings.  The recommended speed and power by PhotoGrav only affect
         the simulated image and not the engraved image.
MaterialSpeedPowerYour SpeedYour Power
Black Marble (Hard)50%80%31%100%
Black Marble (Soft)100%10%100%20%
Light Wood (Red Alder, Birch, etc)70%40%70%80%
Dark Wood (Walnut, Cherry, etc)50%50%50%100%
Other Plastics (Extruded)90%12%90%24%
Laser Brass90%12%90%24%


Installing New Materials

PhotoGrav 3.1

  • Installing PhotoGrav 3.1 - latest version
          - Computers that do NOT have an internet connection will need to find the file with the 
             photograv.exe name and replace it with Photograv 3.1  This file should be located in
             the following folder (a backup of this file is recommended):

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ImageLaz, LLC\PhotoGrav 3.1
  • Adding & Changing Languages
          Download the language packs listed below and move them to the PhotoGrav installation
          folder which should be "C:\Program Files (x86)\ImageLaz, LLC\PhotoGrav 3.1".  Then go
          to the Help->Select Language and click on the language of your choice.  Restarting the
          program (not the computer) is required.

                pgDEU.dll      ( Dutch )
                pgENU.dll      ( English )
                pgESP.dll       ( Spanish )
                pgGER.dll      ( German )
                pgITA.dll       ( Italian )
                pgKOR.dll     ( Korean )
                pgPOR.dll      ( Portuguese )
            ( latest machine files )
  • Upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.1
          Upgrading from version 3.0 to 3.1 requires a complete new installation therefore this
           upgrade will not work with version 3.0. The cost is $25 to upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1
           with a valid license and ownership of version 3.0.

PhotoGrav 3.0

  • Installing PhotoGrav 3.0.3
          - Computers that do NOT have an internet connection will need to find the file with the name 
             photograv.exe and replace it with Photograv 3.0.3.  A backup of this file is recommended.
  • Changing Languages
          - Find the files with the names photograv.exe and pgdg.dll and replace them with
                   English   photograv.exe   and   pgdg.dll
                   German  photograv.exe   and   pgdg.dll
                   Spanish   photograv.exe  and   pgdg.dll

PhotoGrav 2.xx