CorelDraw color clip art and PhotoGraV

Laser engraving the clip art from the CorelDraw collection 'as is' produces less than desirable results, many times engravings are totally unacceptable. A few simple steps and processing with PhotoGraV will yield spectacular results. Now you can offer any of the thousands of Corel images to your customers with confidence that the final engraving will be wonderful, and you will not have to spend hours tweaking the art and possibly scraping materials. If you have tried lasering some of the Corel art, you may be aware of some of the problems; 'hidden' lines vector cutting in surprising areas, poor contrast in different colored areas, poorly defined edges, loss of detail, coarse dithering, funny checked patterns, unpredictable shading and depth, etc. PhotoGraV solves all these problems and more.

Color Clipart source image:

PhotoGraV engraving simulation on black painted acrylic: